Finding the right “diet” seems like an impossible task. There are so many options, fads, programs, foods, and promises that it can be confusing to take it all in. We’ve broken down the top 10 most popular weight loss programs and given you all the details right here. We share the pros/cons and what real users think of the program.

Here is a list of weight loss programs and how to pick the best option for you in Louisville, KY.

How To Choose The Right Weight Loss Program

If weight loss was easy, everyone would eat the exact same thing and weight the exact same and our bodies would work like robots.

Cleary, that’s not the case.

All weight loss looks different, which is why there are so many weight loss programs available.

The most important component for all weight loss programs is consistency. No program will work if you don’t actually commit. It’s important to find a weight loss program that works for you and one you can easily incorporate into your current lifestyle. When considering a weight loss program, ask these questions:

  • Is this program supported by qualified professionals such as registered dietitians, doctors, counselors, and physiologists?

  • How limited are the food choices and can I realistically maintain those limits?

  • Is your weight loss goal set by you or someone else?

  • What percentage of people who start the program will actually finish and maintain long term?

  • What is the average weight loss among people who finish the program AND at one year later?

  • What are the potential problems or side effects?

  • Is there a maintenance program after the initial weight loss?

  • What is the total cost, including any foods or required supplements?

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, there are new weight loss programs coming out all the time. This list is also not prepared in any particular order.

1. Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is the process of losing unwanted weight with the guidance of a licensed doctor or other trained healthcare professional.

Medical weight loss programs not only gets the job done, you also receive guidance from a professional in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

The custom aspect of medical weight loss programs is a huge part of what makes it so appealing. Here you are working with a medical doctor who can run blood work, metabolic tests, and look at your overall health. This is significantly more in-depth than simply a nutritionist with a blanket eating plan for all participants. The doctor will come up with a plan that’s meant for you and you alone to lose the weight.

The Cons:

This is one of the more expensive methods of losing weight. Although sometimes it may be covered by insurance, that’s not always the case. The program may be challenging, and (as is the case with most programs) there are no guaranteed results.

What Others Say:

For those that choose a medical weight loss program, the results speak for themselves and they have been able to significantly change their overall health. Most participants will lose a significant amount of weight in the first 30-60 days and continue to maintain their weight with the help of their doctor.

2. Weight Watchers (WW)

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss programs based on counting and tracking “points” and staying within your allotted points value.

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss programs in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

Most people like this system because there is no food that’s off limits. Do you want ice cream? Sure. Pizza? Sure. The only trick is staying with your points for the day/week. This makes it more sustainable than restricted diets for weight loss. There are also group meetings available that keep you accountable and build a support system.

The Cons:

The biggest problem with this system is the focus on calories, not nutrition. It can lead to bad habits by eating foods with poor nutrients as long as it’s within your points range.

What Others Say:

WW has been around forever, and for good reason. There are huge communities of users that absolutely love the program. They say it has helped them to make better eating decisions and provides a weight loss structure for their day-to-day eating habits.

3. Nutrisystem

This is a system that delivers pre-made frozen meals to your home.

Nutrisystem is designed to deliver pre-made frozen meals to homes in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

There is nothing difficult about this plan. Once you sign up, the food is delivered and you eat what you like. There is no planning or prep required. It is the epitome of convenience.

The Cons:

Once you stop the meals, you’re right back where you started. In addition, the meal plan starts at around $200 per person per month, and you still need to buy a few kitchen staples to supplement. Given the cost and the lack of nutritional education, it’s the least sustainable plan for weight loss.

What Others Say:

For most users, the convenience of Nutrisystem far outweighs the cost, and they enjoy the benefits of pre-planned meals that yield weight loss. Some users stay on the system for several months, while others only try it short-term to shed a few pounds quickly and then move on to other weight loss methods.

4. Noom

Noom is an app that has been called “weight watchers for millennials”. The goal is to teach you about nutrition by using a stoplight approach (red, yellow, green) and creating a healthy eating plan based on education.

Noom will teach you about nutrition and healthy eating plans that they offer in Louisville, KY.


This is a sustainable weight loss method because it’s really teaching you to choose carefully and be accountable for what you eat. The app also includes a social aspect, which provides group support.


The cost is $59 per month, which is pretty hefty for an app. It also requires quite a bit of screen time throughout the day. Some experts warn against the categorization of foods that may trigger bad habits for anyone who has suffered with an eating disorder in the past.

What Others Say:

Most users of Noom are fairly self-directed people who are just looking for a little structure and accountability in their eating. It works well for busy professionals who are on the go and eating out frequently and the app function is appealing to young adults.

5. Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is widely popular because of the reputation that comes with the name. However, it’s important to be careful that the information you’re consuming is coming from the actual Mayo Clinic as there are many “fake” Mayo Clinic diets as well.

Adopt healthy habits from Mayo Clinic weight loss programs in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

The approach to weight loss is slow and steady, which makes it more reasonable and sustainable than other methods. In addition, followers are learning to adopt healthy habits they can continue to use throughout their life. It teaches healthy habits with very little calorie counting.

The Cons:

In the first phase of the diet, the food restrictions are fairly strict, which can be difficult for some. In addition, adhering to the guidelines can be time consuming. While the program is outlined in a book and there are resources online, there is no group or in-person support which can cause it to be more difficult to sustain.

What Others Say:

The Mayo Clinic diet is sensible and gives a realistic approach to weight loss. It aligns with general dietary advice and most users benefit from the increase in nutritional knowledge and understanding of how the body works. The 2019 U.S. News and World Report Best Diets ranks the Mayo Clinic Diet number 6 in Best Diets Overall and gives it an overall score of 3.8/5.

6. BistroMD

BistroMD is a line of prepared meals delivered to your home as ordered. It’s not a subscription service, but an as needed order system.

BistroMD is your go to, as needed option in Louisville, KY for prepared meals delivered straight to you.

The Pros:

The meals from Bistro require almost no prep and no planning or cooking, making them super convenient for busy adults. They also have a wide variety of meals so you don’t get bored eating the same thing. There is no contract or set number of meals you’re required to buy each month, you simply order what you want.

The Cons:

You have to remember to order new meals before you run out, which causes many to “fall off the bandwagon”. As with any food delivery service, the meals are typically more expensive than what you could make yourself. There are no vegan options.

What Others Say:

This program definitely provides convenience and healthy options in one easy step. While some users appreciate that it’s not a subscription, others wish that the orders would recur automatically, so they don’t have to remember to reorder. Most users choose to replace most of their meals with this delivery service, but it’s not sustainable for a long period of time.

7. Jenny Craig

A done-for-you system that includes meals, snacks and weight loss coaching.

 Jenny Craig has weight loss programs that also includes coaching in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

The key here is convenience. Jenny Craig is made for busy professionals who don’t have time to do their own grocery shopping, meal planning, or diet planning.

The Cons:

For the cheapest Jenny Craig membership, you’re at least $400 per month (and that’s only 2 meals a day). For the complete system, it’s almost $700 per month. That is not sustainable for most.

What Others Say:

For those that use Jenny Craig, they seem to like it at first, but they don’t love paying for it long term. Most only stay in the program for a short period of time until the meals get repetitive and the cost becomes too much to maintain.

8. Slimfast

Slimfast is best known for their meal replacement shakes. They have been around for almost 50 years and a staple in the weight loss world.

An oldie but goodie, SlimFast's weight loss programs are known for getting quality results from their meal replacement shakes in Louisville, KY..

The Pros:

The Slimfast weight loss plan is easy to follow. Their commercial jingle used to tote, “A shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible dinner!” They also have healthy snack options for in-between meals.

The Cons:

After a while, the shakes start to get old (and the price can add up). The plan also doesn’t do a lot for nutritional education or support. Nutrition experts do not recommend SlimFast as a long-term solution. This causes more people to drop the whole plan.

What Others Say:

Many people have great success with short-term weight loss using the Slimfast plan. For most, however – it’s not sustainable. The 2021 U.S. News and World Report Best Diets ranks the SlimFast diet number 26 in Best Diets Overall and gives it an overall score of 2.8/5. The ranking is based on its success rate for short-term weight loss.

9. GoLo

GoLo is designed to be a short-term program to manage insulin levels and restore hormonal balance. There is a supplement included along with a nutrition plan, education and exercise program.

Do you want to get fast results? Try GOLO for life's short-term weight loss program in Louisville, KY.

The Pros:

The food in this plan tends to be whole, nutrient-rich foods. Processed foods are very limited and the overall plan is based on sound nutritional advice. The diet can be modified to meet your own needs or preferences and the supplement appears to be safe for all.

The Cons:

The supplements can be expensive, ($50 for 30 days) and sometimes the rules of the program appear to be confusing.

What Others Say:

The website claims it has helped millions of people lose weight. The actual numbers are likely significantly less. The approach to GoLo is founded in solid nutritional principles of whole foods and healthy choices.

10. Optavia

Optavia is a brand of pre-packaged foods, bars and shakes designed to promote weight loss. Originally known as Medifast in 1980, Optavia was first re-branded as Take Shape for Life in 2002 and then in 2017, rebranded again as Optavia.

Optavia has been around for years in Louisville, KY and is known for its convince and simple meal plan.

The Pros:

Optavia is very convenient and the plan is simple to follow.  In addition, you can sign up for a plan that has a coach you can use for support and accountability along the way. Optavia clients also have access to nutrition support, registered dieticians, and behavioral health specialists.

The Cons:

Most of the food in the plan is Optavia branded food, which starts around $400 per month. Most members will need to supplement with fresh produce and proteins. The food is a lot of shakes, bars, cookies, puddings, and cereals which aren’t great habits to form once you stop the weight loss plan.

What Others Say:

Users are consistently drawn to the convenience of meal replacement options that take out all of the guesswork. Optavia combines “fuelings” with six small meals a day, which leaves most users feeling satisfied, not starved. There are a variety of meal plans so it’s customizable, but the required purchase of Optavia food products makes it less sustainable than other options.

Real Weight Loss Results

Finding the right “diet” seems like an impossible task. That’s because it is impossible. There really is no “diet” that will provide real weight loss results over time. That is why we recommend medical weight loss programs for individuals looking to make real weight loss results for the long term.

The process of dieting is complicated by companies making enticing claims and too-good-to-be-true products. Following a long-term or short-term super strict diet plan may be possible, but also highly unnecessary and certainly not sustainable for the long term.

We are here to present the facts so you can make an informed decision that works best for you and your body. We want to support your overall health with medical weight loss solutions supported by your doctor and sustainable for life. The best diet is always the one that is created just for you.