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“Tremendous program! I have lost 74 pounds since I started coming to InShapeMD in June of 2014. I started June 23rd, and in less than 6 months I was down 60 pounds. I feel tremendous mentally as well as physically. My doctors approved this program and I am very, very thankful. I have passed it on to friends, family, and coworkers who are equally pleased with their results. The customer service and staff knowledge have been terrific! They are very detail-oriented and dependable. I highly recommend this program! You will be glad you joined their team.”

– Scott Davenport, Bellarmine University Head Men’s Basketball Coach

“Awesome staff and program. I lost 22 pounds! This jump-started the healthier diet and lifestyle I’ve been trying to achieve. They stay with you all the way through the program and answer any question you may have. 100% recommended, thanks!”

– Aizik Migirov

“I went to InShapeMD in May 2014 after trying to lose 40 pounds for the past year and a half. They had a great atmosphere and showed great customer service by explaining in detail the Countdown Program. I chose the HCG Countdown Program and lost 22 lbs in 30 days….it worked perfectly! I have gone on to lose 33 more since then.

The HCG program was highly effective for me! The team at InShapeMD Louisville did a great job of setting the expectations for the program and providing so much support throughout with the weekly check-in visits along with the B12 shots and daily email updates. They have helped me maintain my weight loss by continuing to work with me – they’ve encouraged me to keep coming in weekly to weigh in and get B12 shots well after the 30-day cycle ended…that is all part of the program.

While the program can be challenging, the results after the 30 days were amazing and continue to be. As a matter of fact, I loved my experience with InShapeMD Louisville so much that I have now come to work here as a Wellness Consultant.  So if you come in to do one of our programs, you might just be working with me!”

– Kim Y.

“The team was helpful and supportive from the introductory session through the completion of Phase 1 of the program. While the program does create challenges with its strict protocols, the ability to see results on a consistent basis through the first 30 days creates a lot of positive reinforcement to keep going!”

– Brad S.

“With the Countdown Program, I have lost a total of 45 pounds since February. I started out at 199 and on the scale today I am 154! I plan to do one more round and arrive at my goal weight. My diet consists of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables (only carb allowed is five melba rounds daily) – very clean eating!  And I am not hungry, shaky, or stricken with headaches like I have been in the past on other diets. The HCG completely suppresses my appetite. The B-12 shots that are part of the program give me tons of energy. I feel fantastic! I feel better eating low-calories with HCG than I did when I ate anything I wanted. The team is very supportive and with me every step of the way with pep talks and encouragement. If you have weight to lose, I strongly recommend you give InShapeMD a try!”

– Lori J.

“These folks are great! They know what they are doing and are incredibly helpful. I have had a great experience with InShape and would highly recommend them. They have been very focused on helping me be healthier, “InShape” and happier. They genuinely care.”

Brandon Lucas

“I’ve been on the weight loss see-saw for 15+ years. I was “in shape” until 1994; life happens – I was at my heaviest at 268 pounds in 2003.  Over the years I lost and gained weight using various methods that were either too hard to maintain over time or were bad for me.  I needed something new that would change my approach permanently.

I found InShapeMD online and gave them a call. I weighed 206 pounds in April and I have lost an average of 20 pounds per 30-day cycle. I’m on my 3rd cycle after a 6-week maintenance diet intended to keep my weight steady.  After each round, InShapeMD has a very specific plan to help your body adjust to a new weight.  They really care about helping you keep it off once you’ve lost it.

I have lost a total of 77 pounds and 34 inches since April (6 months) I was in a size 22 shirt and 20-22 pants. And now I’m in a size 4-6 shirt and size 4 pants. I have so much energy and I’m off my cholesterol medication. My diet is mainly fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. I have learned to have social events without the overeating (staying away from cake, ice cream, pizza, etc.) Thank You, I’m on a weight-loss high!  Thank you, God, for bringing me this great experience and helping me to find “myself” again in my new body!”

– Cathy K.

“So glad I came to InShapeMD! They gave me the direction and instruction that I needed to get the weight off. InShapeMD answers all my questions each week when I come in to weigh or when I call. Very pleasant, informative, and helpful each and every time we talk. For me, they relate how the common sense aspects and science of how this all comes together for healthier living today. I cannot express the relief from mental stress and physical discomfort from my knee pain since my weight loss. I highly recommend this program if you are fed up with being disgusted, uncomfortable, or in pain from being overweight. I wasn’t sure if I could do it but this has been the easiest weight loss program I’ve tried!”

Pudge Becker

“InShape MD is great! The staff is very supportive and kind. The program is working for me! In my first round, I lost 35 lbs. And I am almost 3 weeks into my 2nd round and have lost around 15 lbs. I can honestly say I have not had that many hunger pains. I am very satisfied with what InShapeMD has helped me accomplish. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose but if you would have told me 6 months ago that I could lose even 45 lbs I would not have believed you. Thanks, InShapeMD, now let’s get this done!”

Amy Jeffers

“If the pictures don’t say it all, the numbers do. I lost 55 pounds on the InShapeMD program and am continuing to lose by maintaining the principles I learned while doing it. Not only have I lost 55 pounds of weight, I’ve lost 8 inches in my waist, 6 inches in my chest, and 12 inches around each thigh. Including my hips, arms, and calves, I lost a total of 48 inches.

But the most important numbers are these: blood pressure down from 149/90 to 128/80; Cholesterol down from 249 to 189; Triglycerides down from 171 to 65; Glucose down from 101 to 80; my previously very low Vitamin D level improved by four times and into an acceptable range.

The professional, courteous, informative staff at InShapeMD guided me through every step of the program. The weekly weigh-ins and B-12 shots gave me the opportunity to discuss any issues about the process. The meals, well-defined and documented for you, gave me a recipe to reclaim my life from a lifetime of bad eating habits. Simply put, my health hasn’t been this good in nearly 15 years. I feel vibrant and can clearly tell a major difference from the inside to the outside. Thanks, InShapeMD!”

– Paul N.

“The HCG lifestyle definitely works by curbing your appetite and helping you drop pounds. I have lost 3 dress sizes and kept it off. I love this lifestyle.”

Letricia Long

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