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Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss refers to the proactive management of diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors conducted by a physician. These programs include comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor success. Come let Louisville’s finest help you reach your goals.


Feel Young Again

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Experiencing frequent changes in mood, low sex drive, or decreased energy levels? It could be your hormones. As we age, hormone levels decline significantly year over year. It’s time to look and feel your very best. Our experts are here to teach you all about the endless benefits of hormone replacement therapy.


Eat Clean. Live Well.

Nutritional Counseling

At InShapeMD Louisville, we’re here to help you manage your health with a comprehensive plan addressing your personal goals. This isn’t just about shedding pounds – it’s about changing your life. With our nutritional counseling services, we’ll teach you how to make lifestyle changes to support a balanced diet, and a happy, healthy life.


Look Good. Feel Good.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Now that we have you feeling younger, it’s time to look the part! The marvelous world of aesthetics is yours at InShapeMD Louisville.  No longer just for the rich and famous, cosmetic enhancements are both safe and affordable. These simple, non-surgical procedures help erase the signs of aging, literally taking years off of your appearance.


Feel Good Everywhere You Go

Corporate Wellness

Be healthy at home and at work! With so many companies actively embracing corporate wellness programs, InShapeMD Louisville is here to offer solutions to businesses all over the city. The solutions we offer are timely, appropriate, and effective. Employee wellness programs provide many benefits. What are you waiting for?


Trust Our Experts

Lab Testing

Clinical lab testing is one of the most important aspects of what we do here at InShapeMD Louisville.  It is vital to establish baseline values before you treat patients so that they can be both diagnosed and treated effectively. Labs are an invaluable tool in educating our patients about what is clinically significant to their own health. Our expert panel of medical staff is waiting to serve you.

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